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11 months ago Jim C. Brown * Update forum view so non-validated users will see the new topic button with a link to the news post explaining what to do.default tip
2015-03-09 Jim C. Brown * Change link from direct email to a wiki page.
2015-03-08 Jim C. Brown * Add link to email admins.
2015-01-25 Jim C. Brown * Add CodeOfConduct banner to posting page.
2015-01-22 Jim C. Brown * Add CodeOfConduct link to forum home.
2015-01-18 Jim C. Brown * Banning/unbanning users automatically triggers a wiki page update to provide greater transparency when these events happen.
2015-01-16 Jim C. Brown * Deleted posts visible to logged-in users only.
2015-01-16 Jim C. Brown * Recently deleted views now have links to view the contents of deleted messages individually. Previously, they'd point to an invalid post page.
2015-01-06 Jim C. Brown * Improve error message for invalid email domains.
2015-01-05 Jim C. Brown * Add ability to view deleted messages as individual items.
2015-01-05 Jim C. Brown * Do not automatically give newly signed up users the user role.
2014-06-14 Jim C. Brown * Add iconv support to sanitize UTF-8 in rss feed.
2014-06-14 Jim C. Brown * Added undelete support for comments, tickets.
2014-06-14 Jim C. Brown * Save old contents of edited messages to a wiki page for historical/archival purposes.
2013-12-05 Matt Lewis * Include all words in the section. This results in a a lot of resutls for some terms.
2013-12-05 Matt Lewis * manual search update script was ignoring all of the h3 content
2013-04-24 Jim C. Brown * Fixes ticket 844.
2012-10-23 Jim C. Brown * Add support for undeleting posts.
2012-10-22 Jim C. Brown * Fix ticket:797
2012-10-19 Matt Lewis * update manual indexing script for new creole format
2012-07-14 Jim C. Brown * Fix check so if an invalid account is passed in, we don't bother with an email check
2012-04-08 Jim C. Brown * Get rid of obsolete html_gen.e
2012-01-01 Jim C. Brown * Fix Copyright for new year
2011-09-05 Jim C Brown * Merge heads
2011-09-05 Jim C Brown * Fixes ticket:707
2011-08-09 euphoric updated code repo locations for required third-party libs
2011-02-16 Jim Brown * Fix error when checking the fuzzy date option of a not-logged-in user
2011-02-16 Jim Brown * Disable SVN rev text box (obsolete)
2011-02-02 Jim C Brown * Added fuzzy date option
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Merge
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Changes to work around diff bug.
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Try 3.
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Add add milestone to ticket quick lists
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Redo previous commit
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Fix quick links so selecting another product takes you back to adding a new milestone.
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Add forgotten ticket_db.e changes required for new product id
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Oops, get rid of debug code and make POST call new_product.wc
2010-12-31 Jim C Brown * Add ticket/new_product_id.wc to change the product of a ticket
2010-12-22 Jeremy Cowgar Changed template to use new lighter mongoose
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Disable diff until diff algorithm is fixed.
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Merge
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar When selecting downloads, the download tab is now active instead of the wiki tab
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Adjusted script to look for header one line above instead of below, reflects changes made to support LaTeX bookmarks properly.
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Added disk images to repo. Added robots.txt to repo. Ignore some common files.
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Added some margins to our mascot image
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Added our favicon
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar merge
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Merge
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Added some common files to the ignore list
2010-12-20 Jeremy Cowgar hg_auto_ticket now reports something always, even if 'no tickets referenced', just so we know it's working.
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar hg auto ticket now reports back what it did w/your commit message
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Auto Ticket now uses the -v flag to hg so that we get the full commit message.
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Quick Links can now accept an optional style attribute in the 3rd position { url, title, style }
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Made 'New' links on Pastey, Ticket and Forum 'Quick Links' menus appear in bold format to stick out a little.
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Added 'all=1' parameter to the RSS module to make it easy for those that want everything.
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Added pastey to RSS feed. NOTE: Pasties are OFF by default, you must specify pastey=1 to get pasties by the RSS feed.
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Pastey now acts like a service and can accept parameters from a POST method to authenticate and paste
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Added pastey preview. Added better format selection (Text, Euphoria Code, Creole).
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Gave full path to the create script for pastey, hopefully fixing it for Jim
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Provide style attributes to cause title and body fields to be full width

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