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2015-02-03 Shawn Pringle * Adds a unit test for eudoc: Run eutest in the tests directory to see if you have fixed ticket 265default tip
2015-02-04 Shawn Pringle * fixes ticket 265
2015-02-03 Shawn Pringle * Adds a unit test for eudoc: Run eutest in the tests directory to see if you have fixed ticket 265
2013-04-17 Matt Lewis * parse enums and enum types
2013-03-01 Matt Lewis * restore overrides
2013-03-01 Matt Lewis * improved handing of enum type
2013-02-20 Matt Lewis * use configuration in the makefile
2013-02-20 Matt Lewis * add configure script option for --prefix
2012-11-21 Matt Lewis * ignore trailing colon inside of pre blocks
2012-10-05 Shawn Pringle * made Watcom makefile specify -wat
2012-10-05 Shawn Pringle * set mostlyclean as a PHONY target
2012-10-05 Shawn Pringle * make the generated files 'SECONDARY', you can remove them with 'make mostlyclean' and eudoc will still be considered up-to-date.
2012-08-09 Shawn Pringle * added some fault tolerance code to the euparser.e module.
2011-03-12 DerekParnell Fixes ticket:635 eudoc now handles malformed 'Signature:' tags
2010-12-24 ne1uno merged
2010-12-24 ne1uno add euphoria to std for display include euphoria/info.e
2010-12-22 Jeremy Cowgar Added tag 1.0.0 for changeset 823f44e0130c
2010-12-22 Matt Lewis * fix dependencies to build properly with -j flag1.0.0
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Simple ifdef system for manual assembly files
2010-12-20 Jeremy Cowgar Test eucode is no longer always active
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar When testing eucode blocks, the failed entries have the failure log attached below the eucode block.
2010-12-18 Jeremy Cowgar Added the ability to test eucode blocks during doc generation for syntax validity.
2010-12-16 DerekParnell Included option '+' in enum by clause.
2010-12-14 Jeremy Cowgar eudoc now recognizes enum by 1, enum by -1, enum by - 1, enum by * 2, enum by / 2 constructs. Fixes ticket 526
2010-12-14 Jeremy Cowgar When parsing an enum, check for by. If exists, skip it and its associated incrementor. Fixes ticket 526
2010-12-07 Jeremy Cowgar Built-in method names are now properly written, fixes ticket:504
2010-12-07 Jeremy Cowgar built-in item signatures are now wrapped in eucode. Fixes ticket:504
2010-12-07 Jeremy Cowgar Namespace is now displayed with each method signature
2010-12-05 Jeremy Cowgar Updated to non-deprecated cmdline:EXTRAS use
2010-12-05 Jeremy Cowgar Added a @nodoc@ attribute that will cause the docs and item its attached to not to appear in the output.
2010-12-03 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed parameter handling for the --wrap parameter to eudoc
2010-11-30 Derek Parnell * eudoc.ex: Corrected the call to cmd_parse().
2010-11-22 Jeremy Cowgar Added wrapping to long function signatures, default is 78 characters to wrap at, however see --wrap option for eudoc to alter this value according to font size, page width, etc...
2010-11-22 Jeremy Cowgar Updated code to function properly with new tokenize method of handling newlines. Also renamed variable 'namespace' to 'ns_name'
2010-11-22 Jeremy Cowgar Removed debug code left in from last commit
2010-11-22 Jeremy Cowgar Removed unused 'template' parameter and code from eudoc. Was going to be used until creolehtml came about. Renamed valid, but bad named variable 'namespace', now 'ns_name'
2010-11-22 Jeremy Cowgar Added --single parameter to eudoc which will cause it to output a Creole file that has no '%%output=' file breaks, thus creating a single .html file that can easily be processed by the HTML2PDF tool.
2010-11-18 Jeremy Cowgar Update to handle changes to euphoria/tokenize.e made in SVN:4194
2010-11-13 Jeremy Cowgar Converted replace_all -> match_replace, work on ticket:371
2010-11-12 Jeremy Cowgar Added versioning to eudoc, set initial version as 1.0.0, this fixes ticket:358
2010-11-10 Jeremy Cowgar * eudoc now writes %%output = filename for upcoming
2010-11-08 Shawn Pringle * improved error reporting
2010-11-07 Jim C. Brown * Use OPT_EXTRAS
2010-11-05 Jeremy Cowgar Set eol-property and executable as well as adding a #!/ line to the top making it executable on unix systems.
2010-11-04 Matt Lewis * fixed makefiles to use current translator flags
2010-10-29 Jeremy Cowgar EuDOC updated to work with latest tokenizer
2010-07-10 Derek Parnell * sequence.e: Changed split(). Reordered the arguments to (TEXT, DELIMITER, NO_EMPTY, COUNT).
2010-06-06 Shawn Pringle * adjusted how split is called.
2010-04-19 Matt Lewis * simple watcom configure/makefile for building and installing eudoc under windows
2010-04-10 Matt Lewis * added GNU config and makefile for building and installing binary
2010-03-18 Shawn Pringle * bookmarks are now created with the namespace they belong to or the 'eu' namespace if they are built-ins.
2010-03-15 Shawn Pringle * eudoc improved to pass namespaces in its CONTEXT line to creole.ex
2010-03-02 Tom Cip update "end loop"
2009-11-19 Derek Parnell * tokenize.e: Now handles hexadecimal and Unicode strings.
2009-09-12 Derek Parnell * Fix ticket:#36. Now recognizes '$' as a list terminator in declarations when generating the Docs.
2009-09-10 Derek Parnell * fix ticket #18. eudoc.ex now avoid double slashes.
2009-09-05 Derek Parnell * bug #2852156 The Licence Text in the documentation is now correctly rendered.
2009-08-31 Derek Parnell * bug #2847548. creolehtml.ex now handles colouring syntax lines that do not have an EOL character.
2009-08-05 Derek Parnell * Fixes bug# 2832452
2009-06-17 Derek Parnell * euparser.e: Fix. No longer 'eats' the comments that follow exposed

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