age author description
2015-09-25 Shawn David Pringle B.Sc. * added installer for jEdit modedefault tip
2012-05-31 ghaberek Added Euphoria bindings for Notepad++
2012-01-05 ne1uno Merge
2012-01-05 ne1uno normalize headers in PSPad js & vbs sample scripts
2012-01-04 Matt Lewis * fix ifdef/elsifdef highlighting
2012-01-04 Matt Lewis * simplified kate code folding
2012-01-03 Matt Lewis * fix kate include highlighting to work with "public include"
2012-01-03 Matt Lewis * fixed number highlighting context
2012-01-03 Shawn Pringle * merge
2012-01-03 Shawn Pringle * Added a XML EUPHORIA mode file for jEdit
2012-01-03 Matt Lewis * updated Kate highlighting:
2011-12-08 ne1uno fix namespace x for callback-regex
2011-12-07 ne1uno chg readme name
2011-12-07 ne1uno add label collection to callback-regex-euphoria.c
2011-11-30 ne1uno add callback regex parser, improve readme
2011-11-29 ne1uno add ctags source and test files for simple euphoria regex parser
2011-10-23 ne1uno Merge
2011-10-23 ne1uno add kate syntax file, needs more eu4 updating. should have one with just eu4 & stdlib and one or more with euGTK or other GUI wraps eventually.
2011-09-04 Jeremy Cowgar Added new deprecate keyword to all syntax files
2010-12-30 ne1uno update PSpad syntax/context for eu4 kw,builtin,stdlib. build_api.ex & wordlist
2010-12-30 ne1uno partial update PSpad eu4 stdlib
2010-11-29 Jeremy Cowgar Added Camel to Underscore command for TextMate and e-TextEditor bundle
2010-11-27 Jeremy Cowgar Added routine browsing/navigation
2010-11-27 Jeremy Cowgar TextMate/e-TextEditor bundle now processes ex.err files and allows the user to jump right to the error. Added to syntax.ex a bit more eudoc examples for better testing.
2010-11-27 Jeremy Cowgar Added eudoc heading to one comment for testing eudoc highlighting.
2010-11-27 Jeremy Cowgar Added EuDoc highlighting to TextMate/e-TextEditor Bundle
2010-11-27 Jeremy Cowgar Added TextMate bundle that works for TextMate (OS X) or e (Windows and *nix)
2010-11-11 Jeremy Cowgar Vim mode now highlights EuDoc comments: Headings, Sections, Bold, Italic, Code and Links
2010-11-11 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed the eTML mode for vim, it's now fully functional
2010-11-11 Jeremy Cowgar Started a syntax.ex file that should include all items that should receive proper syntax highlighting. This can be used to test your syntax highlighting mode for Euphoria

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