Help: export

hg export [OPTION]... [-o OUTFILESPEC] REV...

dump the header and diffs for one or more changesets

    Print the changeset header and diffs for one or more revisions.

    The information shown in the changeset header is: author, date, branch
    name (if non-default), changeset hash, parent(s) and commit comment.

       export may generate unexpected diff output for merge changesets, as it
       will compare the merge changeset against its first parent only.

    Output may be to a file, in which case the name of the file is given using
    a format string. The formatting rules are as follows:

    "%%"  literal "%" character
    "%H"  changeset hash (40 hexadecimal digits)
    "%N"  number of patches being generated
    "%R"  changeset revision number
    "%b"  basename of the exporting repository
    "%h"  short-form changeset hash (12 hexadecimal digits)
    "%n"  zero-padded sequence number, starting at 1
    "%r"  zero-padded changeset revision number

    Without the -a/--text option, export will avoid generating diffs of files
    it detects as binary. With -a, export will generate a diff anyway,
    probably with undesirable results.

    Use the -g/--git option to generate diffs in the git extended diff format.
    See "hg help diffs" for more information.

    With the --switch-parent option, the diff will be against the second
    parent. It can be useful to review a merge.

    Returns 0 on success.


 -o --output FORMAT  print output to file with formatted name
    --switch-parent  diff against the second parent
 -r --rev REV [+]    revisions to export
 -a --text           treat all files as text
 -g --git            use git extended diff format
    --nodates        omit dates from diff headers

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times

use "hg -v help export" to show global options

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