Help: backout

hg backout [OPTION]... [-r] REV

reverse effect of earlier changeset

    The backout command merges the reverse effect of the reverted changeset
    into the working directory.

    With the --merge option, it first commits the reverted changes as a new
    changeset. This new changeset is a child of the reverted changeset. The
    --merge option remembers the parent of the working directory before
    starting the backout, then merges the new head with that changeset
    afterwards. This will result in an explicit merge in the history.

    If you backout a changeset other than the original parent of the working
    directory, the result of this merge is not committed, as with a normal
    merge. Otherwise, no merge is needed and the commit is automatic.

    Note that the default behavior (without --merge) has changed in version
    1.7. To restore the previous default behavior, use "hg backout --merge"
    and then "hg update --clean ." to get rid of the ongoing merge.

    See "hg help dates" for a list of formats valid for -d/--date.

    Returns 0 on success.


    --merge                merge with old dirstate parent after backout
    --parent REV           parent to choose when backing out merge
 -t --tool VALUE           specify merge tool
 -r --rev REV              revision to backout
 -I --include PATTERN [+]  include names matching the given patterns
 -X --exclude PATTERN [+]  exclude names matching the given patterns
 -m --message TEXT         use text as commit message
 -l --logfile FILE         read commit message from file
 -d --date DATE            record datecode as commit date
 -u --user USER            record the specified user as committer

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times

use "hg -v help backout" to show global options

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