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2014-01-23 Tom Ciplijauskas Change one linedefault tip
2014-01-11 Ira Hill Developer test
2013-05-01 Ira Hill New developer commit test...
2012-11-02 Jim C. Brown * bleh
2012-10-16 Tom Ciplijauskas test
2012-09-26 Jim C. Brown * Now add in custom changes for cygwin.
2012-09-26 Jim C. Brown * Add in unmodified Makefile.gnu from default for a diff.
2012-09-26 Jim C. Brown * Merge heads
2012-09-26 Jim C. Brown * Merge heads
2012-09-26 Jim C. Brown * Makefile.gnu copied from fe7942d884e0 in default branch, which custom modifications to enable building the tools on cygwin 1.5.23(0.156/4/2) 2006-12-19 10:52 with GNU Make 3.81
2012-08-28 Tom Ciplijauskas copy outside mods to this directory
2011-09-11 Jim C Brown * Done with commit testing.
2011-09-11 Jim C Brown test-test
2011-09-11 Jim C Brown test
2011-09-11 Jim C Brown testing
2011-09-11 Jim C Brown Test
2011-09-04 Gregory Haberek Hi there
2011-03-17 _tom alter text with some horizontal rules
2011-03-17 Matt Lewis * added file with windows line endings on windows
2011-03-17 Matt Lewis * added a file on Unix, with LF line endings
2011-03-16 Shawn Pringle * changed header to use double star rule.
2011-03-16 Shawn Pringle * added file patterns for line breaks...
2010-12-20 Jim C Brown i'm a dummy
2010-12-20 Jim C Brown Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!
2010-12-20 Jim C Brown ugh
2010-12-20 Jim C Brown More testing emails
2010-12-20 Jim C Brown Testing email
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Fixes ticket 19283, fixes? ticket:394859, ticket:9938495
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Fixes ticket 51029
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar * 4256:5953ff177799 core/ (8 files in 3 dirs):
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar * get rid of WIN32 style defines in the front end
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Fixes ticket 12934
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar Seems we don't need mkrev.c
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar Testing changing another file
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar Merged multi-branches branch into default
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar mkrev now compiles on OW. Also includes do not edit comment and header guard incase makefile wants to redefine SCM_REV for some reason.testing-multi-branches
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar Added mkrev.c programtesting-multi-branches
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar What about when I change another file, not hello.txt, is hello.txt updated properly?
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar Testing $Revision$ population
2010-11-12 euphoric added a file and modified it
2010-11-13 DerekParnell 5th
2010-11-13 DerekParnell Merge
2010-11-13 DerekParnell:xyzzy Getting dull, no?
2010-11-13 DerekParnell:xyzzy SOme messgae about what I've just done.
2010-11-13 DerekParnell:xyzzy More stuff
2010-11-12 Jeremy Cowgar Changed something.
2010-11-13 DerekParnell Added tag What are tags for? for changeset 1f52775d7ab7
2010-11-13 DerekParnell Now it is different!What are tags for?
2010-11-13 DerekParnell First Hg addition
2010-11-10 Jeremy Cowgar Yet another test, fixes ticket 348
2010-11-10 Jeremy Cowgar Yet another test, fixes ticket 348
2010-11-10 Jeremy Cowgar Another ticket test, fixes ticket 348
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Testing auto-ticket system, Fixes ticket:348 or does it fixes? ticket 348
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Commit hook test #1
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Welcome, via hello.txt
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Merged two heads into one
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Added $Keyword$
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar CIA HG Hook test #1
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Added why.txt
2010-11-09 Jeremy Cowgar Added some more greeting/departing messages

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