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2013-02-20 Matt Lewis * fix configure script infinite loopdefault tip
2013-01-28 Shawn Pringle * save a file of the map used to find URLs for routine and constant names
2012-09-28 Shawn Pringle * specify which compiler to use in the makefiles that correspond to that compiler's makefile
2012-05-06 Shawn Pringle * fixes ticket 690.
2012-04-03 Derek Parnell Fixes ticket:759 Can now embed '|' inside tables
2011-02-27 Matt Lewis * updated js search generation to use the semantic page names
2010-12-22 Jeremy Cowgar Added tag 1.0.0 for changeset 9d117276c906
2010-12-23 DerekParnell Fix up navigation in document.1.0.0
2010-12-22 Matt Lewis * fixed dependency to only do one translate command when building with -j flag
2010-12-22 Jeremy Cowgar Added fuzzy path detection. When using ##.....##, the LaTeX generator tries to determine if the text is a path or not. If so, it wraps the output in a \path{...} command which enables LaTeX to split it across multiple lines if necessary. w/o this, it appears on one line and can possibly run over the edge of the page.
2010-12-22 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed table rendering when a cell had text markup
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Merge
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Allow setting the AllowMacros via 1/0 in addition to the many string equivilents to YES/ON/...
2010-12-21 Matt Lewis * updated configure
2010-12-21 Jeremy Cowgar Ensure that an anchor always begins on its own line, our delicate manual index script counts on '<a name=' starting the line off.
2010-12-20 Jeremy Cowgar Added some whitespace around block elements
2010-12-18 Jeremy Cowgar * Removed dependency on kanarie. Kanarie was not very LaTeX friendly
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar Added logo images. Added updated language file for listsings package which includes 4.0 syntaxes
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar merged heads
2010-12-17 Jeremy Cowgar * Styled the internal template for online viewing, not printing. These
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * top level TOC filters only on level and depth
2010-12-17 DerekParnell TOC plugin now uses it's parameters
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Added support for non-breaking space and forced newline
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Added back in file:/// URL handler as one can simply escape file~: if necessary.
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Added support for inline nowiki, definition lists and quoted text.
2010-12-14 Jeremy Cowgar Commented out file: protocol. Should be added back in but handled better. Until that happens, best course of action is to remove. Fixes ticket 541
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar Greater page size. Hard coded in the default template, a picture based title page... this needs moved to a LaTeX template before too much longer.
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar Moved to a proper twoside layout. Added fancy headers. Placed the page numbers on the outside of the given page.
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed file extension on HTML code. creole.ex now makes the manual from Makefile.wat w/o any issue.
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar Left a variable assignment only of a removed variable
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar Cleaned up variable use in html_gen.e
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar Cleaned up variable use in creole.ex
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar New creole tool now translates the Euphoria users manual into HTML or LaTeX. Still the linking problem on LaTeX however.
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar * Hard coded wiki links are very common wikis, wikipedia and c2.
2010-12-13 Jeremy Cowgar * More LaTeX escaping fixes
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar The LaTeX driver is mostly functional. Tweaks need to be made here and there. The HTML driver needs to be updated for some new creole use. More needs to move out of creole.ex into the individual drivers.
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar Much work done toward supporting the LaTeX format. Not quite there yet in all cases but getting much closer
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar * Added shell for LaTeX generator
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar * Moved InternalLink to html_gen.e, thus letting each generator handle it themselves
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar Name changes from HTML to DOC in creole.ex. Formatted the switch correctly. Removed unnecessary break statements
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar Began to separate creole.ex from its generator(s)
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar Updated configure/make scripts for name change. Added option handling to GNU configure script
2010-12-12 Jeremy Cowgar Moved creolehtml.ex to a generic tool named creole.ex. Merged creole.opts and creolehtml.opts
2010-12-05 Jeremy Cowgar Updated for non-deprecated cmdline:EXTRAS and iif use
2010-11-29 Shawn Pringle * added getTemplateDirectory() for retrieving the current template directory
2010-11-29 Jeremy Cowgar Converted creolehtml.ex to use cmd_parse, some parameters have thus changed use such as -A, -A alone not the old -A=ON
2010-11-28 Jeremy Cowgar Will now set the template directory based on template file if -d parameter is not given, thus -d becomes optional and it's possible to use a simpler -t parameter alone but either case will work.
2010-11-28 Jeremy Cowgar Reverted last change as I didn't see the -d parameter for setting the template directory
2010-11-28 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed template loading by setting the template dir for canonical_path of the template name supplied and loaded the filename portion of the canonical_path, unsure of how it was working before but this is the proper way to load the template.
2010-11-28 Jeremy Cowgar Fail early on template loading instead of doing all parsing then failing because it couldn't load the template
2010-11-16 Derek Parnell * Changed map.e: Modified load_map() to handle line continuations.
2010-11-13 Jeremy Cowgar Converted replace_all -> match_replace, work on ticket:371
2010-11-13 Jeremy Cowgar Reverted incorrect update of replace_all -> match_replace
2010-11-13 Jeremy Cowgar Changed all instances of remove_all to match_replace, work on ticket:371
2010-11-11 Jeremy Cowgar Added anchors to bookmark items w/o the numbering allowing for users to link to man:std_regex.html#split for example.
2010-11-11 Derek Parnell * Changes to creole etc to split up the doc files based on the input file names.
2010-11-08 Derek Parnell * creole.e: Fix bug when processing Horizontal Line markup.
2010-11-07 Jim C. Brown * Use OPT_EXTRAS
2010-11-05 Jeremy Cowgar Set executable bit and eol-style to native. Added #! to make it directly executable on unix.
2010-11-04 Matt Lewis * updated makefiles to use new translator options

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