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2010-12-23 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed eu.cfg for jeremy's pre-processor example due to name change of the pre-processor to -fun.default tip
2010-12-23 Jeremy Cowgar Moved some CPU entries to the 'fun' category
2010-12-23 Jeremy Cowgar Removed many items from the ignore list (temp files), that way one can use the purge plugin to remove all untracked files, after hg purge -p of course!
2010-12-23 Jeremy Cowgar Merger
2010-12-23 Jeremy Cowgar Added some more common ignores
2010-12-23 Jeremy Cowgar Fix timer to time only the execution time, not the translation time as well.
2010-12-19 Jeremy Cowgar Added message program by Unkmar
2010-12-18 Matt Lewis * fix the naming of the eusql db
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * TOC tweaks
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * output detailed reports for each test
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * merged heads
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * fix up overall speed
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * updated reports for headers, etc
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * merge with head
2010-12-17 DerekParnell No longer includes itself in the files to count
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar merge heads
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Added script to run the 2010-12-15 CPU judging process
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * merge trunk changes
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * eusql report logs
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * updated types
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * merge eusql-reports back into the trunk
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Added a -q flag to make wcc386 shut up
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Judge now records a log of all invocations and translation.
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * get rid of filesys.e
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * merge with default brancheusql-reports
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * add fun flag to reportseusql-reports
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * merged default into eusql brancheusql-reports
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Made cpu-2c-fun perform all of its actions in its own directory
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Run from the same directory where the submission resides
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Changed the name of the -fun submissions
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Added detection of -fun programs, it is now the last field in the submission table, 1/0 (SD_FUN)
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Removed old judge program
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Remove the test .pp. file before executing a given test.
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Ignore debug log files for 2010/12/15 CPU contest
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * eusql reporting for contesteusql-reports
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Moved filenames around to fit the judges naming conventions. Added eu.cfg to cause cpu-pp to function properly with the judge.
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar * Added translate mode
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar Ifdef'ed non-working code on Windows to fail on windows early instead of interupting the testing process with Windows MsgBox dialogs
2010-12-16 Jeremy Cowgar * Renamed TEST_CHECKSUM constant to TEST_CONTROL
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * specify results database[s] on command line
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * windows fixes (hadn't previously been tested there) and for judge.ex
2010-12-16 Matt Lewis * line endings could mess up checksums, so just read the output and compare
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar merged heads
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Made judge.ex understand pre-processors, keyword is -pp in the filename.
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Moved cpu-pp.ex as it is not meant to run as part of the contest. Changed eu.cfg to reflect name change
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * fixed the delta reporting
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * better reports, filtering...
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * add the report
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * merged heads
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * more flexible sorting
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * merge db changes with enum changes
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * use unified enums SR_ for reporting with concatenated keys and data
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Correctly detect failed/passed tests. Set failed tests times to -1. Removed the line output as it was too verbose.
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed bug I introduced into euphoric's cpu-1.ex
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Moved test name from data to key for submissions record
2010-12-15 Matt Lewis * use key index instead of recid
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Fixed type check issue
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Added test name to the database. Submission data is now calculated and saved to the database. A typecheck failure right now, repo unstable.
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Added everyones submissions for the CPU contest of 12/15/2010
2010-12-15 Jeremy Cowgar Added cellular example

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